SEIU 1021

Marin Housing Authority members ratify contract

Campaign ad supporting union employees at Marin Housing Authority

Monday, May 6, SEIU 1021 members at Marin Housing Authority (MHA) ratified a tentative agreement that makes significant advances toward making MHA capable of attracting adequate levels of union staff. The ratification vote passed overwhelmingly by 96%. 

Highlights of the new three-year contract include 12% over three years, including 6% the first year; a one-time $2000 bonus; 5% temporary vacancy premium pay; and the addition of Juneteenth as a holiday. 

MHA employees fought hard for this agreement. Since their union contract expired at the end of 2023, MHA’s maintenance staff, case managers, program specialists, housing locators, and administrative staff picketed their employer four times, confronted the MHA Board at 4 board meetings, and conducted a 2-day unfair labor practice strike. 

“We have taken steps forward to make Marin Housing Authority an employer capable of attracting adequate levels of union staff,” said Ceena Ford, a program specialist with Marin Housing Authority.

“Our work is not over. We will continue to work with the board to realize our shared vision of bringing back contracted out union jobs. Union staff know best how to serve Marin’s most vulnerable.” 

For years, MHA management has been contracting out union jobs with contractors like Nan McKay, a subcontracting firm that has been harming MHA residents with faked inspections and false eviction notices. 

Due to the heroic efforts of a coalition of MHA employees, MHA residents, and Marin County taxpayers, the MHA Board of Commissioners has agreed to phase out the vast majority of its contract with Nan McKay. 

Even as MHA employees have ratified an agreement will improve MHA’s ability to attract adequate levels of union staff, much of the harm that MHA’s contractors have caused remains. MHA residents continue to live in dangerous, demoralizing living conditions involving rats, mold, failed plumbing, and dubious electrical wiring. 

The coalition MHA employees built with MHA residents and Marin County taxpayers during this contract fight will continue to work toward eliminating abusive contractors and improving the living conditions of MHA residents.