SEIU 1021

March 15: Rally in Oakland with fast-food workers as they take their seat on council


Hundreds of California fast workers officially formed a union with SEIU last week, and now they are headed to take their seat on the Fast Food Council on Friday, March 15. 

The statewide Fast Food Council consists of California fast food workers, government appointees, and industry leaders that will help improve working conditions for the state’s over 500,000 fast food workers. It was created by the passage of AB 1228 last year.

The council will ensure workers can use their lived experiences and collaborate with industry leaders and government officials to design standards to improve health safety and pay. With $20/hour as a starting point, workers will push for regular wage increases that keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Ramona Martinez, a cook at Carl’s Jr. from San Jose said, “I’m very happy and excited for what the future holds for us fast food workers, who united, will be able to move forward with everything that we need in our jobs.”

What: Rally with fast workers on Friday, March 15 as they take their seat on the Fast Food Council. The first meeting of its kind will be in Oakland.
When: Friday, March 15, 10:00 a.m.
Where: Elihu Harris State Building Auditorium,1515 Clay Street, Oakland, California 94612