SEIU 1021

Last chance to vote for leaders who will stand with working people!
Today is Election Day. Make sure to return your ballot before 8pm.


This is it. For months, and especially over the past few weeks, you have heard a lot from SEIU 1021 about the importance of today’s primary election. We have an excellent shot at making sure candidates who uphold our values, are committed to improving conditions in our communities, and are accountable to working people like us — not big corporations — are on the November ballot.

Forecasts say that turnout in today’s primary is at a 106-year low. That makes every one of our votes count even more — all the more reason to make sure yours gets counted. Polls close at 8:00pm today. Return your ballot ASAP!

Find your nearest drop box or polling place here.

Check out SEIU 1021’s complete voter guide here.

“As public sector employees, we must be engaged in local races in order to help select our bosses, such as this year’s races for sheriff, board of supervisors, city council, and schools superintendent. Each of these races is important to SEIU1021 members,” said North Coast Regional Vice President Mary Sandberg. ”SEIU1021 members have an opportunity to directly impact races that will put those in office who will oversee their wages and benefits and working conditions.

“With the amount of information and misinformation around election time, it is critical for union members to have a trusted source that has vetted the candidates and understand where they stand on important labor issues impacting their workplace,” continued Sandberg. “Our endorsed candidates in these races have submitted to a thorough interview process where members listened, asked questions, and cast their vote to recommend and support the candidate they believe best represents SEIU members in those elected positions.”  

“It is important to exercise our right and make your voice heard. If you won’t vote, others will make the decision for you,” agreed East Bay Regional Vice President Yeon Park. “It is important to allocate public funds to ensure all working people receive good wages and protections on the job and to maintain and improve public services, including public schools. It is not all about politics. It is about issues that impact working families, the future of our children, and our community as a whole.”

And after this primary election is over? It’s the perfect time to get more involved to make sure that our endorsed candidates win in the November general election and to hold all of our elected leaders accountable, whether SEIU 1021 endorsed them or not.

“Get educated on local politics and how it impacts your work and community by participating in your union’s Committee on Political Education (COPE),” suggested Sandberg. ”This committee meets monthly to talk about political issues impacting labor and how we can be involved. You can also support the political efforts of your union by being a regular contributor to COPE through payroll deduction. This financial support enables the union to contribute to member endorsed candidates and referendum campaigns that members like you have democratically decided to endorse.” 

To become a COPE contributor, simply fill out the SEIU 1021 membership form again, including the COPE section at the bottom.

“Talk to your chapter leaders about how you can become a chapter delegate to your county’s COPE and participate in our Social Economic Justice Committee (SEJ),” added Park.

And before the November election, get in on the endorsement process.

“Participate in your chapter’s candidate endorsement meetings to learn what the candidates support and how they view their job as an elected official,” said Sandberg. ”Understand their positions on labor issues and let your voice be heard on who your union endorses. Then, VOTE for your endorsed candidates.”