SEIU 1021

Join SEIU 1021’s AFRAM Caucus today!


Joining SEIU 1021’s AFRAM is more than just signing up as a member. It’s a commitment to solidarity and empowerment.

AFRAM – the African American Solidarity Committee – stands at the forefront of advocating for social, economic, and political justice within our workplaces, communities, and union. By joining AFRAM, you become part of a vibrant network dedicated to enhancing opportunities through education, mentorship, and leadership development for members of African descent.

“I encourage all SEIU 1021 members to join our committee because of its vital importance,” said AFRAM Secretary Raina Johnson. ”AFRAM is committed to advancing equity and justice within our union and beyond, empowering members of African descent through education, mentorship, and advocacy. Together, we can strengthen our collective voice and drive meaningful change for a more inclusive and equitable future.” 

Together, we amplify our voices and strengthen our union’s ability to achieve meaningful change. Join us in shaping a more equitable future. Become a member of AFRAM today and contribute to our collective journey towards justice and equality.

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