SEIU 1021

Join the “Hands Off Kids and Families” rally to advocate for budget equity and child welfare programs


Do you live in or near Sacramento, or can you make it there? On May 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., join advocates and activists at the state capitol building’s west steps (at 1315 10th and L St.) in Sacramento for the “Hands Off Kids and Families” rally and lobby day.

Sponsored by End Child Poverty and SEIU CA, the event will see participation from dozens of anti-poverty groups across the state. The rally will highlight how California’s wealth and booming corporate profits mean the state can and must resolve budget challenges without jeopardizing vulnerable families.

The overarching message for the day is that we must reject cuts and delays to CalWORKs, child care, and child welfare programs. Advocates are calling for the adoption of a state budget that ensures all Californians have their basic needs met and the opportunity to thrive, with a focus on equity, fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Specific demands include rejecting cuts to CalWorks programs such as the Family Stabilization Program and subsidized employment, as well as opposing reductions in child welfare services funding for foster youth.

Additionally, advocates are urging the implementation of agreed-upon rate methodologies for child care providers and the closure of corporate tax loopholes to ensure the wealthiest corporations pay a fair share.

“Let’s rally together to save these programs that serve the most vulnerable in our communities,” said SEIU Local 1021 Executive Director David Canham.