SEIU 1021

Earth Day 2024: End environmental racism from Bayview to Gaza!


SEIU 1021 members participated in the Bayview Hunters Point Peace Walk and Environmental Justice Rally on People’s Earth Day, drawing attention to toxic waste left by the U.S. Navy and its ongoing impact on community health.

Organized by All Things Bayview and supported by allies like 350 San Francisco and 1000 Grandmothers, protesters marched, painted a street mural, and engaged in poetry and dance performances.

Speakers highlighted the harmful effects of military activity and called for redirecting tax dollars towards cleaning up toxic waste, building affordable housing, and addressing climate change.

“We demand our tax dollars not be used for war, but to clean up toxic waste, build affordable housing, and protect the community from sea level rise.” said Martha Hawthorne, co-chair of the SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee.

The event emphasized the disproportionate impact of environmental threats on low-income and BIPOC communities, underscoring the importance of defending President Biden’s new rules to reduce vehicle emissions.

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