SEIU 1021

Congratulations to SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant on his election as SEIU international executive vice president


Friday, June 24, in Chicago, SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant was unanimously elected by the SEIU International Executive Board to serve as executive vice president on President Mary Kay Henry’s leadership team.

It’s the result of the groundbreaking work SEIU 1021 members and staff have done together under Joseph’s leadership: bargaining strong contracts; passing landmark legislation to protect workers’ rights; winning hundreds of millions in new funding for vital services; and helping thousands of workers organize unions. Our victories reverberate around the state and across the nation — from helping 500 adjunct professors and lecturers win a union at Santa Clara University to winning unprecedented contracts across Northern California. These wins inspire a new generation of organizers precisely when we need them most.

Our union is driving the fight for racial justice, economic justice, climate justice, and Unions for All. While the super-rich, ultra-conservatives, and insurrectionist forces across America are redoubling their efforts to turn back the clock on progress, silence our voices, and roll back our rights, unions like ours are the beacon for millions of workers standing up to dark forces.

Joseph Bryant said: “I am excited to bring our local union’s passion, creativity, and wisdom to our international union and look forward to organizing good trouble in this new capacity with our team. Rest assured that I will use our local’s guiding principles to move the international union forward. We will work to establish an orderly transition in our local’s leadership and a strong voice for SEIU 1021 at the international union.”