SEIU 1021

Alameda County BHCS Notice of Elections
(Updated Dec. 27, 2023 with corrected meeting date.)


Per SEIU Local 1021 Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Chapter Bylaws, notice is hereby given of Chapter Officer Elections for the ALCO Behavioral Health Care Chapter for the purpose of electing new Chapter Executive Board Members to be completed by February 13, 2024. The Chapter Election Committee members for the election are: Jonah Hall, Deborah Perry. 

Nominations for the Officer seats listed below will open on December 27, 2023 and will be accepted until January 27, 2024. 

Nominations for office will be made from the floor at the general membership meeting on January 18, 2024 OR submitted in writing to the Election Committee. Written submission can be sent via email to: jonna.hall1 at 

Nominees must be present during the January 18, 2024 general membership meeting OR submit written notice of acceptance of nomination within three (3) days of the deadline set for nominations by January 30, 2024. 

List of candidates will be compiled on February 1, 2024. Secret ballot voting will be conducted at the work sites February 13-15, 2024. 


1. President: The president shall officiate at all meetings and shall be responsible for directing the implementation of directives voted on by the Chapter membership. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The Present shall be one of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, after such expenditures have been approved by the Chapter executie board and/or General Membership. 

2. Vice President: The Vice President shall act as President in the absence of the president. The Vice President shall be one of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, afer such expenditures have bee approved by the Chapter executive board and/or General Membership. 

3. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasure shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of all Executive Committee and General membership meetings and shall provide a copy therof to the Secretary of the Local Union upon request. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all correspondence and communications on behalf of the Chapter. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for Chapter account deposits and dispersals. The Secretary/Treasure shall be on of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, after such expenditures have been approved by the Chapter executive board and/or General Membership. The Secretary/Treasure shall present the Chapter financial records for audit at the direction of the Treasurer of the Local Union or his/her representative. 

4. Chief Steward: The Chief Steward shall serve as a resource for shop stewards in carrying out their duties at the worksite. Should the Chief Steward position become vacant, a majority vote at a Stewards Meeting will seat a new Chief Steward for the remainder of the term. 

5. COPE Coordinator: The COPE Coordinator shall be responsible for providing political information and education to the members of the chapter. S/he shall assist and coordinate with turnout, COPE cards, and other duties related to political activities of the chapter and Local Union. The coordinator will also be the chapter representative to the Local 1021 County COPE Committee. 

Challenges: Challenges to or disputes arising from a Chapter election must be submitted to the Chapter Election Committee within three (3) working days of the submission of the committees election report to the Chapter Executive Board. Challenges must be submitted in writing and must cite specific violation(s) of the Chapter election rules and procedures, Chapter bylaws, or the Local 1021 Constitution. Challenges to the election will be considered valid only if they cite specific violations of election rules and procedures or the Local 1021 Constitution and if the alleged violation may have affected the outcome of the election. The Chapter lection Committee shall investigate and resolve challenges within ten (10) working days of receipt of the challenge. The election Committee may order a re-run of all or part of the election. 

ALCO Behavioral Health Care Services Chapter Election Nomination Form 


In order to run for and serve as a Chapter Officer, candidates shall have been members in good standing for at least one (1) year and employed within a bargaining unit represented by the Chapter. Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in chapter elections. 

Instructions: Write the name of the candidate for whom you are nominating in the space provided below. Please write legibly, please print. Ballots deemed illegible by the ALCO Behavioral Health Care Services Chapter Election Committee will be rendered invalid. Furthermore, votes for individuals who did not announce candidacy or was not nominated for a particular office will not be considered. 

The members elected to the five (5) offices listed below will serve as SEIU Local 1021 Convention Delegates. The method for determining alternates for convention delegates is to be determind by the elected Chapter Board. Nominations may be emailed to: Attn: ALCO Behavioral Health Care Services Chapter Election Committee jonna.hall1 at