SEIU 1021

AHS Has Won A Historic Tentative Agreement!


After our landslide 99.5% strike authorization vote by our 3,900 members the Alameda Health System was forced to get serious in negotiations and we have reached a historic tentative agreement on our new union contracts!

A huge win that hasn’t been seen at this scale in decades. Below are a few highlights, and here is the complete tentative agreement.

  • Wages: 20% wage increase over 4 years to strengthen recruitment and retention 
  • Safety: AHS is required to improve our safety and patient/public safety with a new safety committee, cameras, security guards, and more. (all 3 contracts) 
  • Staffing: Incentives to fill staffing gaps with  daily overtime for GU, OT after 36hrs for 12 hour staff, and double time for all contracts after 12 hours, starting in July 2025
  • New positions in a number of nursing departments  
  • A path to clear final legal/procedural hurdles to add SLH Union members to ACERA 
  • Overtime: Gives all Union members double time pay for time worked past 12 hours, and gives all GU and SLH members daily overtime, bringing them to RN/APP contract standards (SLH) – awaiting signatures
  • Share the savings: Increased dollar amount for employees waiving medical/dental coverage (all 3 contracts)
  • Personal Day: Strengthened our rights to use PTO for a Personal Day without penalty (all 3 contracts)
  • Bilingual Pay: Increased dollar amount of Bilingual Pay for employees who translate at work, bringing RN/APP, SLH Units up to GU standard
  • Uniform Allowance: Agreement for AHS to provide uniforms/uniform reimbursement to EVS workers, Gardeners, and Food Service Workers (GU & SLH)
  • Added rights to have Union offices to more AHS Campuses (GU & RN/APP)

The union bargaining team voted unanimously to recommend a YES vote to ratify this contract.