SEIU 1021

AFRAM event series: “The Black Artists Who Sparked Organized Labor”


SEIU 1021 is excited to invite all members to attend the event series organized by the African American Caucus for SEIU 1021(AFRAM): “The Black Artists Who Sparked Organized Labor,” with John William Templeton, an esteemed activist and historian, who guides attendees on this enlightening journey through informative talks and walking tours. 

Last Friday’s talk with John William Templeton both informed and inspired attendees. Delving into the rich history of Black artists and labor leaders in San Francisco, Templeton provided detailed insights into figures like Langston Hughes and Leroy King.

Langston Hughes, known for his literary prowess, also had deep ties to San Francisco’s labor movement. Meanwhile, Leroy King’s activism paved the way for racial justice within unions, overcoming discrimination and championing reforms that empowered Black members like ILWU Union leader and activist Curtis McClain.

“It’s not just for Black folks, but for everyone to learn about Black artists and labor leaders in SF. We benefit from their work, so let’s honor it,” remarked Otis Williams of SEIU 1021’s SF Civic Center chapter.

The event series aims to shine a spotlight on the pivotal role played by Black artists in the history of organized labor. Through engaging discussions, presentations, and performances, attendees will gain insight into the rich legacy of Black artists who have been instrumental in shaping the labor movement.

The next event dates and locations are as follows:

  • February 17, 1 p.m. – Hyde and Lombard Streets (walking tour)
  • February 23, 6 p.m. – SEIU 1021, 350 Rhode Island St. (talk & book giveaway/signing)
  • March 2, 1 p.m. – 900 Beach St. (walking tour)

These events offer a unique opportunity for SEIU 1021 members to explore the intersection of art, culture, and labor activism while celebrating the contributions of Black artists to the advancement of workers’ rights.

“Black History Month holds deep significance. It’s more than just a celebration; it’s a vital moment for unity, understanding, and empowerment within our union,” said SEIU 1021 Social and Economic Justice Committee Programs Director and AFRAM Secretary Raina Johnson. “AFRAM takes the lead in championing education, training, and networking for us, ensuring our voices and experiences are not just heard but celebrated.”

RSVP here or by calling the Member Resource Center (MRC) between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 1-877-687-1021.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding of labor history and racial justice. See you there!