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1021 members stand for global solidarity in Richmond

Article by SEIU 1021 member Caitlin Flammer

On Sunday, May 19, SEIU 1021 members gathered with local residents and climate justice groups at Richmond’s Unity Park for Anti-Chevron Day: From Richmond to Palestine.

The annual event is a day of solidarity for all people and communities affected by Chevron’s greedy, anti-union, and destructive business practices. Anti-Chevron Day connects Richmond’s ongoing struggle for justice with movements to end violence and environmental racism all around the world.  

The Richmond community is subjected to frequent refinery flaring, fires, and dumping into the bay, causing health issues and environmental devastation. Chevron’s practices in Ecuador, Myanmar, the Phillippines, Palestine, and elsewhere have also left a wake of human suffering and ecological destruction. Richmond Mayor Eduardo Martinez joined the call for global unity and urged Richmond residents to support the upcoming #PollutersPay measure.

SEIU 1021’s Martha Hawthorne also spoke at the event and highlighted Chevron’s continued complicity in the genocide of Palestinians, as well as the imperative to vote KEEP THE LAW to uphold Senate Bill 1137, which would prohibit new oil and gas wells close to homes, schools, and hospitals.

While Chevron is a major donor to Overturn the Law, SEIU CA and SEIU 1021 urge members to vote KEEP THE LAW in November. 

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