SEIU 1021

Tell San Joaquin County: Our Struggle Is Real!
Rise Up, Speak Out!


Your Bargaining Team needs you! We have told the county how they are having difficulty recruiting and retaining employees. We cannot tell your hardships. Only you can. We need each member to write a paragraph or two (or more if needed) about how the low wages have impacted you and your family. It is essential that you include your name and job title. We need to emphasize to the county that they can only solve this problem; they need to know that you are more than just workers; you are people who have financial responsibilities and are part of the community. We will submit these stories across the bargaining table with our wage proposal on August 17. We want to underscore that San Joaquin County works because you do. Please submit your stories by Tuesday, August 16.

Without you, things do not get done.

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