SEIU 1021

SEIU 1021 CCA Bargaining Survey 2019


SEIU 1021 and Faculty Forward in recent years have organized about 13,000 people at 50 colleges across the country. Over 1700 faculty at seven colleges in the Bay Area have organized with SEIU 1021. Faculty Forward is organizing nationally to improve conditions for teachers and students in higher education. Your organizing drive of CCA staff is the first time SEIU Local 1021 has organized non-faculty staff to join adjuncts together in one union.

At CCA, we are in the process of assembling our staff negotiating team, drafting proposals, and preparing to begin the process to win a first union contract that raises standards for students and staff at CCA. We need to hear from all members about your priorities.

In the United States, unions negotiate contracts (collective bargaining agreements) that cover wages, benefits, and working conditions for all members. The College can’t change conditions unilaterally during the life of the agreement, and the rights and benefits in the contract are legally binding and enforceable through appeal to a grievance process and binding arbitration before a neutral third party. The union contract would supplement any existing employee handbooks, and supersedes them if there is a contradiction.

Most importantVery importantFairly importantNot very importantNot important at all
Salary increase
Adequate staffing levels
Career ladders
Health insurance improvements
Dental insurance improvements
Protection from exposure to unsafe chemicals/materials in the workplace
Vacation improvements
Increase holidays
Sick leave improvements
Additional educational incentives/education leave hours
Improve retirement benefits
Increase security in and around buildings
Improve communication via email
Consistently-applied policies and practices
Job protections around campus unification.
Prioritize affordable housing at the Oakland campus after unification
Reduce carbon emissions by CCA
Promote racial justice at CCA
Improve services to underrepresented students

Who would you like to nominate for the Negotiating Team?