SEIU 1021

Working people go all in for Joe Biden


As the worldwide pandemic rages, it becomes clearer by the day that working people need elected officials who will represent us and our interests, not just line the pockets of the billionaire one percent.

Many of our members have had an economic crisis added on top of a healthcare crisis, which was added on top of the housing crisis we had been subjected to for years. Many of our friends, family members and other loved ones, and community partners are currently out of work because of COVID-19. As we struggle to stay in our homes and make better lives for ourselves and our families, what leadership do we see from the current president?

What we see is a cruel cut to unemployment benefits being proposed. We see a relief package delayed until after the eviction moratorium ran out, leaving millions of Americans threatened with being forced from their homes. And the current president’s only significant contribution to the discussion is a request to cut payroll taxes, which would make rich people happy while reducing funding to Social Security for the rest of us.

It’s time for a change, and in fewer than 100 days, we will have the opportunity to use our voices to stand up for that change. Joe Biden has decades of experience and a long history of supporting working people. His proposals would make a real difference for us, including:

  • Increased minimum wage
  • Federal public option for healthcare to keep costs down
  • Union rights and protections

As Joe Biden said recently, “Every worker in this country deserves the dignity that comes with fair wages and benefits — and the right to collectively bargain,” and that is the kind of representation, support, and leadership working people desperately need in the White House right now.

Every working person in America must vote this coming election. We deserve a change at the top.

If you’d like to read more about Joe Biden’s plans for America and his support for workers, you can do so here.

Check out this video of our SEIU siblings who are all in (and keep an eye out for SEIU 1021 members around the 1:20 mark)!