SEIU 1021

Workers Demand Union City Council Invest in City Workers


Public Works, Parks and Recreation department workers and their families sent a clear message to Union City Council on July 25, invest in our community, and invest in city workers. With the cost of living too high for many workers and families, and City revenue strong, Union City Council has a responsibility to invest in its workers. “Members want to put a face to the budget process so that Union City leaders are held accountable at the bargaining table,” said William Bontadelli, from Public Works/Ground.

“Workers show every day our commitment to Union City, we want the City to show commitment to us, with a fair contract” said Ricardo Martinez Administrative Assistant ll. Mr. Martinez continued, “We want to ensure that our work and families are valued and as members of the community we are not just a head count on a page or a number in a budget but are people to be valued.”