SEIU 1021

Workers Across the Country Tell Congress NO! to the GOP Tax Scheme


Pictured: Head Start Site Director Birdie Winrow, and Head Start staff members, calling Congress to oppose the tax scheme.

The current tax legislation making its way through Congress is picking up more resistance every day. As people find out the details of who benefits, and who will lose out if this passes, they are opposing the legislation strongly.

On Wednesday, December 6 SEIU 1021 members joined workers across the country for the national call-in day to oppose this tax plan. Workers voiced opposition to the plan that takes money away from working families only to give tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

“The tax cut for the richest Americans and corporations is going to hurt families that are already hurting, and just trying to get by day to day,” said Birdie Winrow, SEIU 1021 Member and Director of an Early Head Start program site. These wealthy people are living a dream life. They don’t have to worry about health care, and feeding their children. We have a dream too. When working families are barely able to meet basic needs, how can we live the American Dream? I am opposed to this tax plan because it benefits the wrong people. Most Americans are left out,” continued Birdie.