SEIU 1021

When Will the Court Withdraw Their Offensive Concessionary Proposals?
Bargaining Update for Dec. 14, 2021


“We’re making some progress at the bargaining table,” says Chapter President Kasha Clarke, “But we still have a long way to go.”

After more rounds of meetings, the Court still has not withdrawn any of their insulting concessionary proposals, which would take away things our members need, like binding arbitration, the ability to request transfers, the soft vacation cap, our ability to go on sympathy strike to support other working people fighting for their rights, and even our ability to take unpaid leave time instead of using all our sick time.

Clarke said, “The Court’s counterproposal to our COLA proposal was a slap in the face and another sign that our hard work is undervalued. We continue to fight for appreciation of all court workers. We need fair treatment and compensation for our work, not ‘fun facts’ and a lottery for gift cards.”

Show management that we’re united and we won’t back down: hang your union shirt on your chair and take pictures of your co-workers showing their solidarity! We will be rolling out these images in coming weeks on social media to show that we won’t back down and we won’t be silenced.