SEIU 1021

We Are SEIU 1021: Lorena Arroyo
Library Technician, Excelsior Library, San Francisco


Each week we’ll feature every day heroes: SEIU 1021 members who care for our sick and elderly, educate our children, keep our cities moving, and ensure that courts work for everyone.

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“It’s pretty great being back in the neighborhood where I started (as a librarian), where I’m around the corner from my house. Where I’m working with the community that really appreciate our services. They really don’t know where to go to get that help, whether its I have to fill out these forms, “I’m looking for a job, or my jobs require me to fill out these forms;” “They want me to use a computer I never use the computer before. I don’t know what to do. Can you please help us get started?”

Then there’s all the kids that come in after school. We have like nine schools in the district that we help. Kids are here for homework help. The librarians put out some awesome programs. The seniors that need help making those copies. It all feels really worthwhile. I love my job.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of specialized programs, like I said I love helping people. A couple of those programs were working with the bookmobile which is an outreach program for seniors who can’t come to the library, who have a difficult time where the library is not that close to the neighborhood. We went to stops throughout the city. Didn’t matter if it was the Tenderloin area where we had some of the poorest people coming in, people on drugs, whatever. We took care of the seniors who were at those places where we were at. And of course we would never turn anybody down that came in.”