SEIU 1021

Urging All Members to Help Pass a CA Recovery Budget


SEIU workers like us have been critically important to the pandemic response and keeping our communities safe. Now, many of us are on the chopping block. The inequality and economic uncertainty many of us face – whether poor, working class, or middle class is not only unfair, but avoidable. The Legislature is voting on a budget THIS WEEK, and we need to ensure that they pass a budget that protects workers and is a recovery for all.

Click here and tell your legislator to pass a budget that invests in our frontline communities who have risked so much to keep us safe.

After the Great Recession, SEIU members pulled together to help raise billions and billions of dollars in needed revenue for our communities and schools by passing measures at the ballot box. We helped this state recover and positioned California to tackle our biggest problems: the lack of housing, good jobs and access to healthcare. 

But we have so much more work to do. Now, more than ever, we need your courageous leadership and your partnership to make sure we don’t repeat the  mistakes of the last recession, when cuts to services and jobs dragged down our economic recovery.

We need to tell California Leaders that a new budget must lead us to a Recovery For All – not just a few. It only takes a minute, and State leaders need to hear from all of us.

Click here and tell your legislator to pass a Budget for All.

In solidarity,

Ramses Teon-Nichols
Vice President of Politics
SEIU Local 1021