SEIU 1021

Update from the Election Committee
June 25, 2020


City of Oakland Member, 

As City of Oakland workers we have pulled together at this time of uncertainty and worry to keep the city going. When things were looking less drastic, we took the advice of the Executive Board to postpone elections until the city had reopened completely. Now, we see that our normal operations will not be resuming any time soon. We are still developing and learning about our new normal. While we figure out what that means as city workers and as residents the Election Committee has met and has requested assistance from the Executive Board AND our Legal Representation to devise a way to vote that protects and maintains social distancing requirements and safety of workers, staff, and election volunteers. 

We look forward to working closely with the Executive Board and Legal to have a solution for everyone in the coming weeks. As the Election Committee, we are hopeful that there are people who are interested in joining our efforts to step up and join our committee. More hands make the work light.

SEIU 1021 City of Oakland Elections Committee
Lina Hernandez
Courtney Holmes
Rocky Brown