SEIU 1021

Uber, Lyft Drivers to Lawmakers: Thank You for AB5


On February 3, SEIU 1021 members joined the California Labor Federation and Uber and Lyft drivers from the We Drive Progress coalition for lobby day in Sacramento. 

This lobby day was organized to thank lawmakers for supporting AB5, the landmark legislation that went into effect this year that clarifies what it means to be an independent contractor or employee. AB5 helps ensure that basic workers’ rights and protections apply to workers across the state, including things like minimum wage, medical benefits, paid sick leave and time off, workers compensation, and more. 

“You know, at first I was kind of nervous to talk to all of these representatives. This is my very first time, I’ve never been here before. But all the people we talked to—we went from one office to another—they were all so friendly. So my nervousness went away after talking to two representatives. I would be more than confident next time to come here and talk to these representatives. After all, we put them where they are and they’re here to help us. Now I feel like they’re part of my team,” said José Galindo, an Uber & Lyft driver who is a leader with We Drive Progress, a coalition of labor and community groups fighting for a union for drivers.

SEIU 1021, as members of the We Drive Progress coalition, is supporting drivers in their fight for their rights and a union. As the nature of work changes, it is critical that we fight for the rights of workers everywhere, including app-based workers. So far, Uber and Lyft have both refused to comply with AB5, a law that prevents companies from misclassifying drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. On February 10, a judge rejected Uber’s request to block AB5 from taking effect (read more here:

Check out a video from the lobby day here: