SEIU 1021

Take Action To Save Jobs and Services
Call your US Senator at 844-967-2163


As the impending economic impact the COVID-19 outbreak will have on our communities comes into focus, we have seen many employers already calling for cuts to services and staff. We know there are difficult times ahead, but many of our communities have not yet fully recovered from the last recession. Cutting services further and not safeguarding against privatization would be devastating for millions, including SEIU 1021 members.

We must be ready to fight and take action at this moment. Here are some other ways you can continue fighting to beat back dangerous and harmful budget cuts. Take action now:

  • Call your US Senator at 844-967-2163 and tell them to support the HEROES Act. If the version passed by the House of Representatives on May 15 passes the Senate, this bill would provide $1 trillion for state and local governments. This means much-needed relief for public jurisdictions across California facing budget shortfalls, including those where many SEIU 1021 members work. It would also provide $200B in hazard pay for frontline workers and up to $6K per family in direct payments.
  • Support local and state revenue measures, like Schools and Communities First. Passing Schools and Communities First is critical to restoring $12 billion to California’s schools and local communities every year. A recent report by the University of Southern California estimates that Bay Area counties alone stand to generate $4.61 billion. The best part? It does all of this by closing a commercial property tax loophole benefiting only the wealthiest corporations and investors, while completely protecting all homeowners or renters.
  • Register to vote. If we’re going to pass measures like Schools & Communities First and elect local and national leaders who will invest in vital frontline services, we need to make sure we’re registered and ready to vote! Click here to register.
  • Make sure your membership is up to date. If we’re going to weather the storm ahead, we have to show City Hall that we’re united and ready to stand together. If we’re going to defend our communities, our public services, and our jobs, we have to keep our union strong. Aren’t sure if your membership is up to date? You can submit a membership application here or call the MRC at 877-687-1021.