SEIU 1021

San Joaquin County member Amanda Ayers Reflects on Completing the Member Internship Program


“Participating in the Member Internship Program was a great experience. I’ve been a member of SEIU 1021 for 6 years and I’ve always had questions about our organization and how to get involved. Most of my interactions were with my field representative, and I wasn’t too familiar with the nuts and bolts of our Union.

Once I joined the member internship program that all changed. The program required me to take 3 months of approved leave from the job and participate full time with our union. I participated in actions and trainings with chapters throughout our local that taught me how to organize and empower our fellow members. Without a doubt, the highlight of my experience was learning how to speak directly with my coworkers on the power and importance of having a strong union. Having conversations in confidence about who we are and why we matter is critical to growing the power of our union.

Our chapter is changing for the better, but that doesn’t happen overnight. We need active members who are willing to be trained and involved when it comes to workplace issues. I recommend that you join a committee, sign up for the membership trainings that our union offers, and reach out to your co-workers who are not active. In order to get what we want (fair contracts), we need your input and contributions.”

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