SEIU 1021

Retiree Council and Chapters


The Retiree Council comprises delegates from the Retiree Chapters: the Alameda County Retired Employees, East Bay Retirees, West Bay Retirees, Sonoma Area Retirees, and San Joaquin Retirees. The Council makes decisions on policy and budget for the retired members of SEIU 1021. The Council organizes new Retiree chapters. The Council meets monthly. For more details on meeting dates, times, and upcoming events, please contact Retiree Council Chair Greg Marro at

Alameda County Retired Employees (ACRE) – Retired members of the Alameda County Employees 

  •  ACRE: Alameda County Retired Employees – Retired members in the Alameda County Employees. Retirement Assn (ACERA), retired from jurisdictions of Legacy Local 616.  The ACRE Board meets monthly on the first Monday of the month, at 10:00 AM, at 100 Oak Street, Oakland.  Contact Pete Albert at  

    ACRE is the oldest organization of retired Alameda County employees, established in 1926.  We have been a chapter of Local 616 of SEIU since 1973, and now of Local 1021 since March of 2007.  ACRE members are mostly Retired members of the Alameda County Employees Retirement Association – ACERA.   The ACRE Board meets monthly at 100 Oak Street.  Our usual date/time is first Monday, 10:00-12:00.

    ACRE representatives attend allthe ACERA Committee and Board meetings.  We speak out at these meetings and have become effective advocates on behalf of retirees.  ACRE representatives also attend other statewide organizations that work on behalf of retirees such as the California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA), the State Association of County Retirement Systems (SACRS), and Californians for Retirement Security (CRS).  ACRE dues are $3.00 per month, and can be deducted by ACERA from your monthly warrant check. 

    ACERA provides important supplemental benefits to its Retired members, and ACRE monitors this situation closely.  At our monthly ACRE Board meetings, we hear reports from ACERA Benefits and Communication staff, as well as ACERA trustees.

    The ability of ACERA to pay for these supplemental benefits depends on the health of the reserve fund: the Supplemental Retirees Benefit Reserve – SRBR.  The ACERA Board and staff will be reviewing these benefits and the SRBR in 2020, and may look to expand these benefits.  The ACRE Board will be monitoring this situation closely.

    For more information, or to RSVP for the ACRE Board meeting, please contact chapter president Pete Albert at  

East Bay Retiree chapter – Retired CalPERS members who worked at jurisdictions of Legacy Local 790:

  • Oakland School District, BART, Peralta Colleges, and the Cities of Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond  The East Bay chapter meets monthly on the first or second Wednesday, at Noon at Harry’s Hofbrau, 14900 East 14thStreet, San Leandro.  Contact Pat Davis at 830-7335,

West Bay Retiree chapter – members retired from the City/County of San Francisco, and Retired members of SFERS.  

  • The West Bay chapter meets on the third Monday of the month, at the union office at 350 Rhode Island Ave, San Francisco.  When the third Monday is a holiday (January & February), the chapter meets on the fourth Monday.  Contact David Williams, C: 415-939-5149,

Sonoma County Retiree chapter – members retired from jurisdictions in Sonoma County.

  • The Sonoma chapter meets every month, on the second Thursday, Contact Chip Atkin at 707-321-3191,

San Joaquin area Retirees – members retired from San Joaquin jurisdiction like San Joaquin County and  the Valley Mountain Regional Center.




COPE – Retirees are eligible to serve on county COPE committees of SEIU-1021, and they can be delegates to the Local 1021 COPE committees.

LABOR COUNCILS – Retirees can be delegates to county Central Labor Councils