SEIU 1021

Rally for City Services And City Jobs: Monday, June 10, 4 p.m. City Hall
If You Want a Fair Contract, You MUST Show Up And Speak Up

City of Oakland Workers United in SEIU 1021 Getting the Job Done

City of Oakland Workers Work Hard


The Mayor’s Budget Doesn’t Work at All


 The Mayor’s Proposed Budget:

  • Makes City Workers Poorer— 2% wage increase while inflation rises 3.9% a year
  • Leaves City Streets and Parks Dirty and Unsafe
  • Ignores the Homeless and the Affordable Housing Crisis
  • Perpetuates the Sky-High Vacancy Rate Across City Departments
  • Allows Cuts to Premium Pay, Retiree Medical, and Health Benefits

 Stand Up Against the Mayor’s Budget on June 10: No Second Chances and No Excuses