SEIU 1021

Our Retirement, Our Planet


Jan. 24 SF Retirement Board Feels the Heat from City Workers and the Public

Members of SEIU 1021’s Environment Justice Workgroup joined over 100 people from community groups and other unions at the January 24 SF Retirement Board meeting. Together we urged the Board to invest our retirement funds responsibly.

The Board did not vote for full divestment with a time deadline from coal, oil and gas investments, instead voting for “engagement” and a “phased divestment” of our retirement from the riskiest and dirtiest funds.

The Board’s vote to direct staff to study and identify partial targeted unloading of financially risky stocks is a small step that comes directly in response to our strong and united campaign.

We must continue to fight until we get total divestment from companies and funds that pollute and harm our planet and communities. We must hold the Board accountable to their own deadline of April 2018 to divest from fossil fuels.