SEIU 1021

Our First Stand: Protect Access to Affordable Healthcare


Last week Congress took the first steps to strip Medi-Cal from millions, hike taxes on middle-class families and workers who buy insurance through the federal exchange, and to stick seniors with soaring prescription drug costs. And they voted set up a process to cut protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, contraceptive coverage, allowing children on their parents plan until age 26 and more.

An unprecedented movement of Californians is coming together to protect our healthcare. Thousands of Californians rallied over the weekend at #OurFirstStand events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Last week, SEIU members from around the country generated more than 17,000 calls to Senators to letting them know that repealing the ACA without a replacement would throw our healthcare system into chaos.

Our chorus is growing and echoing around the nation. Share your story about how the ACA has helped you and your family. Your voice matters, and it will be what helps preserve this progress.

Participate in the next national call-in day to Congress on January 24th. Congress needs to show us their plan to keep Americans covered before they vote to take away the healthcare we count on. Use this tool to help you get in contact with your elected members of Congress.

Don’t miss this weekend’s actions and rallies to protect access to affordable healthcare. Find out more about inauguration day weekend activities on