SEIU 1021

Notice Of San Francisco Citywide Bargaining Team Elections
Tuesday, August 14th - Monday, October 29th: Nominations Due September 11


In 2019, We Bargain a New Contract

Take the first step to help us prepare for our contract campaign: Nominate yourself or someone you know to the Citywide Bargaining Team.

The Bargaining Team Election Process

Every Chapter is represented on the bargaining team in proportion to the size of the chapter.

Our contract provides for 1 delegate for every 250 employees in each chapter or the fraction therein, in excess of 200 employees in a chapter.

Delegates will be elected by chapter, the highest vote recipient in a classification will be delegates on the team.

The Election Committee will be responsible for resolving disputes related to the election. The Election Committee will be comprised of:

  • Theresa Rutherford, SEIU 1021 Vice President of Representation
  • Sa Ra Conrad, SEIU 1021 Member, SF General Hospital
  • Nicole Cuda, SEIU 1021 Member, SF Community Public Health

To contact members of the Committee, email


  • Must be a member of SEIU 1021.
  • Must be willing and able to put in the time. Most meetings are during the day where you are released from work duties and paid by the City as a scheduled workday. Often the meetings go into the evening and are sometimes on weekends. You don’t lose pay but you also do not get overtime and sometimes work more than eight hours in a day. If you are sick or unable to attend you must call as soon as possible to be able to have an “alternate” replace you or your Chapter goes unrepresented.
  • Must be willing to learn new things.
  • Must represent all members not just their Chapter or classification.
  • Must be committed to sharing information with coworkers and work collaboratively with the Contract Action Team (CAT). This involves updates, meetings and listening as well as talking.


  • Be organized
  • Have integrity
  • Inspire confidence in judgment & ability
  • Have a sense of humor, but not at others’ expense
  • Be a good communicator
  • Be willing to assess risks and outcomes
  • Be able to tolerate tense situations and conflict
  • Be able to work with others
  • Be able to think strategically


Our contract with the City & County of San Francisco expires on June 30, 2019. Our first deadline is to complete Bargaining Team elections by October 29, 2018 so we have ample time for member surveys, training, research, writing proposals and negotiations.


Tuesday, August 14 – Tuesday, September 11

The Notice will be posted on and Union bulletin boards at your worksite(s). Any member may nominate himself/herself or another member in their Chapter by September 11. The Election Committee will verify eligibility of each nomination.


Friday, September 14 – Monday, October 29

Eligible candidates’ names will be posted on The exact date, time & location of voting will also be posted on Union bulletin boards at your worksite(s) by October 29.


Monday, October 15 – Monday, October 29

Voting will take place at various worksites. There is NO proxy voting. Each Chapter will have at least one voting session. Large Chapters will have multiple sessions. An opportunity to vote will be provided for night, day and swing shifts as well as one weekend day for 24/7 departments.


Monday, October 29 at 5:30 p.m.

Ballots will be counted for all chapters on October 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the SF Union Office, 350 Rhode Island, #100. The results of the elected Bargaining Team members and alternates will be posted online at

Chapter Approximate Number of Workers in Chapter Bargaining Team Members to Be Elected
SF Airport 1067 4
Child Support Services 59 1
Civic Center 1537 6
Community Public Health 720 3
911 201 1
311 99 1
Museum Civil Service 201 1
SFGH & IPOs 1720 7
Hall of Justice 379 1
Human Services Agency 1434 6
Adult & Children Services, HSA 649 2
Laguna Honda Hospital 1059 4
Library, LEUC 574 2
Library, Guild 261 1
Mental Health 420 2
Moccasin, PUC 50 1
MTA/MUNI 743 3
Port of SF 44 1
DPW 176 1
Public Utilities Commission 350 1
Rec & Park 1067 4
Sheriff 157 1
YGC Classified 53 1
YGC Counselors 95 1
Department of Homelessness
(Chapter Pending)
80 1

Bargaining Team Nomination Form
I want to nominate…

(Nominations must be received by September 11, 5 p.m.)