SEIU 1021

The Mayor Wants to Balance Her Budget On Our Backs, with TPT Layoffs, Up to 26 Days of Furloughs, Delayed COLAs, Postponed Step Increases, and More — We Say “No Way!”


As most of our members know, Mayor Libby Schaaf and her administration pre-emptively laid off our temporary, part-time workforce, and then came to us and proposed that we accept even MORE cuts.

We have not agreed to any such cuts. With one voice, we have told the Mayor and her staff, again and again, that we do not agree with their position that any cuts are necessary. 

We have partnered with other unions in the city, including Local 21, IBEW Local 1245, IAFF Local 55, and CMEA, and demanded the city sit down with us and find savings in the budget that don’t come at the expense of us, our jobs, and the services we provide to Oakland’s residents. 

While the mayor tells us we have to find $11 million to balance the budget, the City is sitting on $49 million of reserves that they built up by squeezing our COLAs and refusing to fill vacant positions. It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, and we aren’t going to take it.

Twenty-six furlough days is more than a month’s worth of pay, and amounts to about 10% of a year’s wages. City Council must explore every option before asking our members for such a huge sacrifice. 

City Council needs to hear our voices so they know we’re united and that we won’t accept the Mayor’s cruel cuts. If you can speak on Tuesday, June 16, at 1:30 p.m., please RSVP to: or