SEIU 1021

Mayor Schaaf Has Withdrawn Her Proposed Cuts and Concessions!
No Layoffs. No Furloughs. No Postponed COLAs or Step Increases.


At a meeting including other unions in the city, including Local 21, IBEW Local 1245, IAFF Local 55, and CMEA, the Mayor confirmed today that the proposed further cuts to and concessions from our members have been withdrawn.

This means:

  • No furlough days
  • The COLAs we negotiated will come as scheduled this summer
  • Step increases will not be delayed
  • Services to the community will not be cut and the holes in the budget will not be filled by sacrifices our members make

Chief Steward Dwight Mcelroy said “Perseverance has paid off for us in this hard situation. We stuck together as a chapter, we stuck together as union members with other unions and the community, and we achieved something important together.”

Chapter President Felipe Cuevas said “This is a victory, and this victory came from strength in numbers and shows the power in unity. We stood united with other city unions in calling for equity for all of labor and the community. We keep fighting for the same thing: fairness and respect for the City’s workforce, and we fight for the same thing for our community. I thank our members for the work they do, especially the vital work they are doing to help our city during this pandemic. The work you all do is important, and you should know that it is appreciated.”

“This is an important win, but we’re not done, and we can’t rest. We still need to find ways to get our TPTs back to work so they can support their families. Our community still needs us, and still needs the work we do. We should all be proud that our actions and our commitment have made the Mayor acknowledge that.”