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On May Day, Gov. Newsom Walks in the Shoes of Los Rios Community College Workers


On May 1, International Workers Day, Gov. Gavin Newsom worked alongside Brenda Baker, a groundskeeper, and Maria Arambula, a custodian, at American River College. Both Brenda and Maria work for the Los Rios Community College District, and they spoke to the governor on about the struggles facing working people in our state.

“There’s a lot of real people out here struggling. We need healthcare, food on the table, and gas in our car to get to work everyday. We’re just people trying to put food on the table,” said Brenda. “He looked me in the eye when I said that. I hope that he got that. That’s my daily struggle, and I’m glad he got to experience it firsthand. “

“For so many Californians, having a job is about more than just getting a paycheck – it’s about belonging,” said Governor Newsom of his experience working alongside Brenda and Maria.” It’s about understanding that you fit into a broader picture and that you provide value to others. As California builds the economy of tomorrow, we must prioritize our workers and strengthen pathways for Californians to find meaning through work,”

During his visit Gov. Newsom signed an executive order creating the Future of Work Commission that would look at how technological developments—such as job automation and artificial intelligence—will impact workers, workforce needs, and our state’s economy. The Commission will also look at methods of promoting better job quality, wages, and working conditions in the face of technological innovation.

 “It was a really good experience to know that we have a governor who cares for the kind of work that we do,” said Maria Arambuela. “The biggest thing for me is that he recognizes and appreciates the work we do.”