SEIU 1021

Marin Municipal Water District workers secure a new contract


This month, our members at Marin Municipal Water District overwhelmingly ratified our next contract. Workers were able to secure this agreement because of our strong membership numbers and because we speak with one voice as a union in our political engagement with elected leaders and also with managers at our worksite.

“Our contract extension agreement is the result of years of investment in regular communications and strengthening working relationships with management, the board and our membership. We’ve succeeded at conveying to management the value of District employees, who have had to continue the same quality service level under the challenging and ever-changing work conditions of this unprecedented year. The two year agreement will hopefully get us past the unknowns of the pandemic, while also ensuring that our members’ wages keep up with the cost of living and safeguarding benefits,” said Mariette Shin, MMWD SEIU 1021 Chapter President

This new agreement honors our work and will also us to focus on the important work we do to ensure residents of Marin County have sustainable access to clean, fresh water. Our new contract protects all of our benefits, while also providing a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for members of no less than 2 percent but no higher than 3 percent in each year of the two year contract.

“Our members made it clear that the extension of our current contract was their top priority due to the uncertainties brought on by this pandemic. I am happy to say that we can put some of those uncertainties to rest for the next two years. This was made possible by listening to our members and by having open dialogues with management and with our board members, who all made this possible,“ said Christopher Turnham, a MMWD SEIU 1021 union steward.

Even in the uncertain times of COVID-19, MMWD workers were still able to secure this win because of our strong, engaged, and politically active membership.