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Last Chance to Stop the Tax Scam!


The House of Representatives must vote again on the tax bill after several provisions were found to violate Senate rules. Congress is scheduled to bring the tax bill to a vote again tomorrow. It’s not too late to place a call and help put a stop to this tax scam.

Don’t let them rig the system in favor of the wealthiest Americans.

Call 866-426-2631 and you will be patched through to a member of Congress.

The tax legislation currently being considered in Congress benefits the wealthiest 1% of Americans and large corporations, while threatening the health care of millions.

Beniquez Cross, a Public Service Representative in the Oakland Parking Citation Assistance Center, called Congress last week to oppose the bill. “I am opposed to this tax plan because they are giving the biggest break to the wealthiest 1% in this country,” said Beniquez.

“CEO pay has risen over 900% since the late 1970’s. Workers, though, receive less and less relative wages. The price of gas and food is going up, so we can afford to purchase less. Health care premiums are likely to rise as well if this passes.

“Average workers’ taxes will go up if this bill passes. That is my concern. And the politicians are not being transparent about what exactly is in this bill. They’ve been sneaking things in at the last minute, handwriting the changes and voting before they are even typed up!” continued Beniquez.

Some California legislators who previously supported the bill have already started to waver, which shows our pressure is working!