SEIU 1021

La Clínica Workers Fight Against Chronic Understaffing


On Monday, October 28 at noon, doctors, nurses, medical assistants and other staff at La Clínica de La Raza rallied outside clinics in three counties to demand management put an end to the chronic understaffing that prevents the delivery of safe patient care.

“The high turnover rate of employees at La Clinica negatively impacts patient care and fuels the burnout many employees feel when they’re left to do the job of two or more people. This, in turn, affects the good quality care our patients and the community need from La Clínica,” said Angel Valdez, Clerk III, graphic designer.

With 189 unfilled positions, or 15% of its workforce, La Clínica management puts patients at risk by allowing long wait times for care, difficulty accessing resources and basic information, and delays in appointments and referrals.

“When workers are burned out due to short staffing, patients suffer by waiting longer in waiting areas, and longer times to get an appointment. Is it unacceptable that La Clinica knowing this continues to disrespect us by not wanting to pay us a living and compatible wages,” said Laura Ocon, WIC Nutritionists.