SEIU 1021

Joe Biden selects US Senator Kamala Harris as his VP running mate


Today, former Vice President and Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden announced that he has selected Kamala Harris, a US Senator from California, to be his running mate. Prior to being elected US Senator, Kamala Harris served at the District Attorney of San Francisco and the Attorney General of California.

“Kamala Harris knows that too many working people of all races were struggling to succeed even before the pandemic,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. “She advocates for working people, like when she marched with Fight for $15 and a Union leaders to demand a $15 minimum wage and a union and fought back against the Trump administration when they tried to silence women of color and immigrant women who wanted to join together in a union. Sen. Harris and Joe Biden make a great team because they both hold in their core a belief that we need to restore the soul of our nation so that we can tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the long-standing economic and racial inequality that it has exacerbated. Together, they will help make us a more just society. SEIU’s two million members are ready to turn their outrage, energy and hope into votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead our country.”

A Biden-Harris administration would fight for racial, economic justice for America’s working families. We need leaders who fill fight alongside us to win Unions for All and make this country safe, free, and fair for all people – regardless of the color of our skin or how much money we have.

Check out this video of Joe Biden sharing his vision for his administration with SEIU President Mary Kay Henry.