SEIU 1021

It’s TIME!
For a Strong Contract, We Need Unity and Full Participation

For a Strong Contract, We Need Unity and Full Participation

Your elected bargaining team is united and fighting for every member of your union. But we can’t do it without you!

We need rank and file members to call in to City Council meetings on Tuesday nights to share their stories. As a union, our strength comes from our numbers, and we need to show Council and the Mayor that our numbers are strong and our members—not just our Bargaining Team—are united.

We will help you prepare and support you 100% of the way. If you can spare some time on Tuesday night, please contact your field reps Yen Do and Darryl Richardson

Only showing up in force will help us win a strong contract. So far, the City has offered only small cost of living allowances that don’t make up for the past six years, and they want to offset those allowances with increased healthcare and retirement costs, leaving us even further in the hole!

The last time the City made a counteroffer, they increased their COLA offer by only 0.25%, and were still offering us less than half of what it would take to make us whole after the past years without a raise, even before increasing our healthcare and retirement contributions.

This insulting counteroffer is not the only disrespect the City is showing at the bargaining table: they have been offering only summaries, not full proposals, and taking forever even to do that. We need to show them that we are united in our demand for a fair contract.