SEIU 1021

Instead of getting Christmas bonuses, La Clínica workers have been left out in the cold this holiday season


This holiday season, while many workers are expecting Christmas bonuses and possibly gifts from their employers as gratitude for work well done, some of our most essential workers are still fighting their scrooge-like bosses for better work conditions and higher wages. La Clínica de la Raza’s recent last, best, and final offer contained only a 2% guaranteed increase. This is unacceptable and it does nothing to address the ongoing issues with chronic understaffing, tiring workloads, unfilled vacancies, recruitment & retention, and the all-time low morale amongst our union members.

“We are fired up and ready to continue pushing against management’s ridiculous salary increase proposal,” said Angel Valdez, Layout Graphic Designer and La Clínica SEIU 1021 Chapter President.

A 2% increase is not an increase but, it is rather a “pay cut” for workers. The annual inflation rate in the US has surged to 6.2% in October of 2021, the highest since November of 1990. Inflation also increased the price of gasoline, shelter, food, transportation, and more.

Does La Clínica think that offering its essential workers a meager 2% increase (pay cut) is the right thing to do? Their economic proposal is a slap to its workers’ faces. La Clínica has received millions of dollars in relief from different sources but, instead of prioritizing them as the workers keeping La Clínica running, management would rather spend upwards of $12 million on “IT upgrades” and creating more management positions.

As a result of management’s actions, a strike vote for La Clínica workers is scheduled for December 14 and 15. The outcome of the vote could authorize the bargaining team to call for a STRIKE if they feel this is the best route to take. More detailed information about the times and exact locations for voting places will follow. 

Stay tuned for ways you can support La Clinica workers in this fight.