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Federal Budget Cuts Impact Local Jobs and Services


Tomorrow people across the country are calling Congress to demand they reject a disastrous budget that funds major tax cuts for greedy corporations by cutting valuable programs.

Let’s tell Congress that we want more than a rigged budget that puts billionaires and greedy corporations ahead of our families. Call your member of Congress to fight back against hurtful federal budget cuts.

Congress will begin debating and voting on the House Budget Resolution from the GOP.

The budget resolution calls for cuts in a range of basic public services and investments in our nation, such as job training, K-12 education, access to college, scientific research, and economic development. It undermines our future generations by failing to adequately fund child care and after school programs.

At the same time, the resolution would pave the way for massive tax cuts that will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest households and profitable corporations.

Learn about the specific impacts of the GOP’s budget proposal on people in your districts: