SEIU 1021

Fairmont Workers Stand Up for Patient Care


AHS tried to force RNs, LVNs, and CNAs at the Fairmont Skilled Nursing Facility to do a Schedule Rebid. Management’s plan included a reduction in total patient care hours, and would  turn many full-time workers into part-time or temporary. Today members at the Fairmont Skilled Nursing Facility protested the rebid and many workers refused to sign on to the scheme to cut care and cut worker hours.

“It felt good to stand up for our patients, and not let management get away with cutting patient care like this. We made sure to protect our patients when we negotiated our contract. Now management is violating that contract in so many ways,” said SEIU 1021 member Harold Cole, a Fairmont CNA.

Last week, SEIU 1021 members presented management with a petition signed by nearly 100 of Fairmont SNF workers demanding AHS stop the rebid and follow the contract.