SEIU 1021

Emergency Chapter Meeting
Monday, June 22, 6 p.m. Zoom Call


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is wrecking the City’s budget. They said they had a deficit of $29 million, and they proposed to fix that problem the same way they always do: cutting services to the public and laying us off. According to the Mayor, “everything is on the table,” which means we’re on the chopping block.

Working in partnership with other unions, including Local 21, the police, and the firefighters, we closed their budget gap from $29 million to under $6 million, completely without service cuts, furloughs, or layoffs

The City thinks that isn’t good enough, and wants us to accept layoffs, cuts to our benefit package, and unpaid furlough days, while they sit on their rainy-day reserve fund and refuse to spend any of it. Make sure to call in to our emergency Chapter Meeting on Monday to find out more and to get involved. 

Monday Emergency Zoom Call:

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