SEIU 1021

Covid-19 Update: Fighting to Keep Our City Safe and Healthy
SEIU 1021 City of Oakland Chapter Update


Your union is meeting regularly with City administration to keep our members and our community safe and healthy. Today, we met with the City to determine which workers will be identified as essential vs. non-essential, and we will be meeting with them again tomorrow.

The City will be reducing services over the course of the day. Some departments will be fully operational, some will be totally shut down, and some will be operating on skeleton crews. We will be announcing more information as we continue to meet with the City: we are advocating that all non-essential personnel be placed on paid leave so they can shelter in place to protect them from contracting or spreading coronavirus.

Protecting our workers and our community is our number-one priority.

The City has agreed that:

  • All workers who are feeling sick or feel they have been exposed to coronavirus should stay home and call in as normal
  • If you have a sick family member or family member who requires care, stay home and call in as normal
  • If you have already been deemed non-essential, please shelter in place to protect yourself and your community

More information will be coming soon. We will update you by email and on our website. If you have questions, please ask your union representative or supervisor. The situation is changing quickly, and we are working hard to keep everyone informed.