SEIU 1021

Contra Costa County Takes Action to Combat Chronic Understaffing


Contra Costa County shop stewards Katrina Beverly, Vickey Dominguez, and Ashley Payne met with their coworkers regarding worksite issues. To discover that all were impacted by chronic understaffing. Chief Steward Ashley Payne sent a request for information and found that hundreds of positions were unfilled by the county.

Members leaped into action to organize their coworkers to attend three Board of Supervisors meetings to tell their stories about how understaffing lowers worker morale and hurts the services they provide to the community.

“Contra Costa County continues to claim that ‘providing public services that improve the quality of life of Contra Costa County residents drives the economic viability of our businesses.’ We need you, the Board of Supervisors, to stand behind this message by providing adequate staffing to address the needs of our community,” said Vickey Dominguez before the Board of Supervisors meeting on May 7. “Homelessness is growing, the narcotic crisis is getting worse, domestic violence is on the rise, child abuse cases are being reported more regularly, and chronically ill patients have nowhere to go.   Social workers are tasked to help these vulnerable populations. We need more workers!   From In-Home Support Services, Eligibility Workers, Health Services Department, Children Family Services, Adult Protective Services, and Employment of Human Service Department workers.  Our community needs our support,” said Dominguez.

Due to members actions, the county is looking to fill positions to help with the backlog of hundreds of cases. When members stand up and fight back, we win!