SEIU 1021

City Vaccine Policy Negotiations Update


The City has recently announced that they intend to implement a new COVID-19 vaccine policy, with City workers required to submit their vaccination status and exemptions available for religious and medical reasons. This policy is a change in our working conditions, so the City is required to meet and confer with us over the changes. 

We have met three times so far with the City, and have more meetings on the schedule. There are still open issues and we are still meeting, but we wanted to make sure everyone was updated on what’s going on.

So far: 

  • The City has agreed to revise their posted timelines (at
  • As required by law, the City recognizes vaccine exemptions for either medical or religious reasons.  We are still discussing how exemption requests will be processed
  • The City has created a vaccination status reporting tool (called the “portal”), and it is being tested at present.  We are still negotiating to ensure it is accessible and usable for all our members
  • We are requesting multiple departments meet with us to explain how this policy will be introduced and implemented, so that we can ensure all workers are represented
  • We are negotiating over the consequences and due process for workers who fail or refuse to comply with the policy (and are not eligible for an exemption).  Our goal is for any unvaccinated worker who is discharged to have a clear path to return to the City if and when they receive the vaccine.

We will continue to negotiate and will keep you informed about our progress.  In the meantime, we continue to urge all City of Oakland workers to take advantage of the safe, effective vaccines that are available free: