SEIU 1021

City of Oakland 2019 Bargaining Team Election Results


Congratulations to the winners of the elections to serve on the Bargaining Team from the Finance and Public Works departments. They join the Bargaining Team alongside the chapter officers and the candidates who ran unopposed.

The Chapter’s Executive Board will appoint representatives for the departments that had no candidates. The full Bargaining Team will be announced at the next General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, January 30, at 100 Oak St.

Bargaining Team Members

Chapter Officers:

  • Felipe Cuevas, President 
  • Jeffrey Haymon, Vice-President 
  • Michael Pandolfo, Vice-President 
  • Frankie Izzo, Secretary 
  • David Velez, Treasurer 
  • Dwight McElroy, Chief Steward 
  • Ivan Satterfield, COPE Delegate 

Elected or Ran Unopposed:

  • Lorenzo Brown, Public Works
  • Tim Glasper, Public Works
  • Sarina Baldwin, Finance
  • Hugo Velazquez, Sewers
  • Steve LaVoie, Libraries
  • Lina Hernandez, Libraries
  • Kent McNab, OPD
  • Eddie Simlin, OPD

The following departments will have representatives appointed by the Chapter Executive Board: Fire, Department of Transportation, Parks & Rec (one permanent, one TPT), Human Services, Building & Planning, and Animal Control.

General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 30
100 Oak St.
Dinner at 5 p.m., Meeting at 5:30

  • Meet Your Bargaining Team 

  • Join the Contract Action Team

  • Get an Update on Bargaining 

  • Lead the Fight for a Strong New Contract