SEIU 1021

City of Hayward Workers Speak Truth to Power


This evening City of Hayward workers spoke before City Council to demand that Hayward Administrators restore cuts made to workers’ pay and benefits. Hayward Administrators are refusing to restore the cuts that were made three years ago, even after a judge found their actions to be illegal.

“A 17% cut in take-home pay forced people to retire from jobs that they loved,’” said Gil Hesia, Senior Utility Leader and President of City of Hayward Maintenance Chapter. “Bargain with your workers fairly.”

City of Hayward workers’ contract expires at the end of June, and they’re making sure they’re united to hold Hayward Administrators to their promises.

Megan Bucci, Senior Secretary and President of City of Hayward Clerical Chapter said, “We’re looking forward to getting to the table and negotiating a fair contract. This time the City says that they want to bargain in good faith—and we’re going to hold them to that promise.”