SEIU 1021

The City Is on the Attack
It’s Time to Step Up and Fight Back!


On Friday, May 3, your elected Bargaining Team met with the City.

From Day 1 of negotiations, the City’s high-priced consultants have ignored our wage proposals, blown off our suggestions for improving services to the people of Oakland, and wasted time on “correcting” or “clarifying” things in our contract that were perfectly clear and didn’t need any corrections.

With just two months before our contract expires, City negotiators continue to delay negotiations. It’s taken them six weeks to respond to our wage proposal, with a 2-year, 2% increase per year offer that doesn’t allow workers to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Our priorities are:

  • Real solutions for affordable housing and homelessness
  • Health and safety improvements
  • A fair wage increase that keeps our members ahead of inflation as the Bay’s costs of living continue to skyrocket
  • Better training opportunities
  • Increased and expanded premium pay for the difficult work our members do

The City’s negotiating team has shown that their short-sighted priorities are:

  • Keep wages low for workers at the expense of services for the public
  • Attacks on workers’ ability to fight back against unfair disciplinary actions against them
  • Prevent temporary, part-time workers from transitioning to good, fulltime, permanent jobs (14.7)

We have to stand up against this NOW. Make sure to wear your purple every Friday, and email field representative Julio Corral to get involved.

Tell City Council:

Fund City Services and Honor City Workers with a Budget That Works for ALL Oakland

Tuesday, May 8th, 4 p.m., City Hall