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Charter Schools Costing West Contra Costa Unified School District $27.9 Million Each Year


Charter schools, publicly funded but privately-operated schools that lie outside the control of local school districts, are driving public schools into financial crisis. The loss of tens of millions of dollars each year for each school district is taking its toll on the resources and overall quality education students need and deserve. From layoffs and cuts to jobs in education to closures of libraries and entire schools, charter schools lack accountability to local communities even as they drain their school districts’ finances and academic programs.

According to a  report produced by the think tank In the Public Interest, West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) and its public school students are losing $27.9 million each year because of charter schools. In December 2018, to make up for a budget deficit, WCCUSD eliminated 82 positions, eliminated a tutoring program, and cut services for English learners.

Charter schools have been championed by billionaires who want private corporations to profit from public education. By donating mass sums of money to elect pro-charter politicians, the number of charter schools in our state has increased by more than 900% to more than 1,300 schools in the last two decades.

That’s why we’re supporting measures like SB 756 (Durazo), which calls for a five-year moratorium on new charter schools so that California’s leaders can make much-needed adjustments to broken charter school laws. On April 24, school workers joined other public school advocates to call for greater scrutiny of charter schools and to fight back against billionaires seeking to privatize and profit off of our schools. Together, we’re standing up for all students to have a chance to thrive.