SEIU 1021

Alameda Health System Members Win Big for Healthcare Community


SEIU 1021 members at Highland Hospital, community advocates and patients of the Substance Abuse Treatment center are celebrating the decision by Alameda Health System (AHS) Administrators to keep the doors of the treatment center open.

The notice came on the heels of a series of concerted actions to highlight the value of the center and the impact the closure would have on families throughout Alameda County.

“I was very relieved and satisfied that the Board of Supervisors and hospital administrators paid attention to all the information. I am also thankful that these vital services will remain available,” said Barbara “BJ” Wilson, SEIU 1021 member, and a Registered Nurse at the treatment center.

Highland Hospital Chapter President, John Pearson, and Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room stated, “I am really excited that the substance abuse treatment center will remain open and accessible for people throughout the county struggling to get treatment. This is a victory for our entire community – people who need access to comprehensive treatment and people who provide these services.”

The substance abuse center at Highland Hospital has been in operation for over 20 years and provides critical services including:

Full wraparound services: outpatient treatment and therapy, childcare, meals and discounted transportation for patients

Substance abuse treatment for HIV positive patients, pregnant mothers, patients with a mental health diagnosis, parents of children under the age of 18

Referrals from Highland and other area clinics and inpatient units

Court-mandated referrals from Child Protective Service

Housing Authority clients who participate in order to maintain housing

Listen to some of the stories from 1021 members and patients: