SEIU 1021

Across Northern California, SEIU 1021 members pass out turkey dinners to working families


Every year, SEIU 1021 members volunteer their time in the holiday spirit of giving thanks and giving back to working families. This year was no different, as members passed out turkey dinners at 11 union halls across Northern California to SEIU 1021 members who needed or wanted them. 

All around Northern California at various SEIU 1021 offices, member leaders and staff joyfully and tirelessly served Thanksgiving dinners to members via a car caravan dropoff system.

“This service is important because it’s always important to give back to our members at a time where so many of us are struggling to put food on the table. This is a small but important gesture that we can do as a union for membership in need,” said Taffie Walter, Region E Vice President.