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Alameda Health System workers step it up for May Day

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May 1, 2024

In 2020, Alameda Health System workers united in SEIU 1021 went on a historic strike to “Put Public Health in Public Hands.”

Since December 18, 2023, their elected bargaining team has been negotiating a new contract with management, trying to FIX AHS. Their contract expires on May 31. So on May 1, which is May Day and International Workers Day, AHS workers rallied all across the system to call management out for a total lack of urgency in addressing the issues.

“Today has been a beautiful day,” said AHS Chapter President Veronica Palacios. “Administration representatives at Highland tried to take our tables away, tried to tell us we couldn’t ‘demonstrate,’ couldn’t celebrate International Workers Day and demonstrate solidarity with workers around the world and all our AHS co-workers, union and non-union alike. But we didn’t back down. And we had a fantastic time with our members, the security guards, and everybody else.

“Alameda Health System was flooded with purple today. SEIU 1021 members sent management a clear signal that we demand responses to our proposals at the table, answers to our questions during bargaining, and solutions for our problems in the workplace. We’ve collected more than a thousand testimonials from our members about what they want and need to FIX AHS, and it’s time management heard what we have to say.

“Today, our members showed the administration our strength in numbers. All day long, we saw solidarity across the system. We heard from people who aren’t even in SEIU 1021 that they support us because we show up for them every single day. When we win, we win for everybody. We have detailed updates for our members at, and we need everyone to be ready to show their solidarity until management gives us what we need.”

Workers have passed dozens of proposals to management, and have received little or no response so far. Management has not yet responded to wage and safety proposals or to staffing proposals. They haven’t even answered the bargaining team’s information requests! With under a month before contract expiration, the clock is ticking. Management needs to take the workers seriously.